Rusty, dusty and musty

rusty shelves


Everybody raise their hand who has a favorite annual antique show!

Great!  Let me tell you about mine.

Mine is the Forever Vintage Market in Highland, Illinois that runs twice a year.

It’s just big enough to have a great selection of merchandise with good prices, super food trucks and great music, but just small enough that it doesn’t feel overwhelmed with crowds or tons of questionable looking reproductions.

The market is held at the Madison County Fairgrounds and just reeks with country charm.  Many vendors are housed inside of actual stables where animals are shown at 4-H competitions.  It’s fun to walk on dirt paths strewn with bits of straw and ogle at the fantastic wares.

The Market is held in other venues during the year, but it’s just not the same.  I love the rusty, dusty and musty feel of the whole thing.  When I find that special certain something to buy, I feel like I’ve found a diamond in the rough.

But, enough of my prattle!  I won’t keep you waiting any longer – enjoy!


blue and white jugs


flower chair

blue and white


4H Barn










white cabinet


Until next time – get out there and support your local antique shows!

For more information on Forever Vintage Markets, visit  

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