Oktoberfest || Maeystown, Illinois

Little Prairie Girl visits a charming fall celebration in historic Maeystown, Illinois.


Autumn is hands-down my favorite time of year. The changing leaves, the color palette of burgundy, gold, persimmon and chocolate, bonfires, hayrides, warm sweaters, flannel blankets, mulled wine…just listing this stuff of dreams is making me tingly!

I try to take advantage of as many fall festivals as possible, so I can really soak in the beauty of the season, but it gets hard because there is so much to choose from every week in our area beginning in September right through the winter holidays.

One of the best events, in my opinion, is the most excellent Oktoberfest hosted by the uber-charming of Maeystown, Illinois.

The tiny village (population 157 in 2010) is nestled on a hillside next to a beautiful creek and definitely feels as though time stopped sometime in the late 1800’s. Only street signs and a few parked cars here and there give it away that the village really does exist in modern times.

Oktoberfest is usually held on the second Sunday of October every year, and yes, I do mark it on my calendar a year in advance! Some of my best antiques have come from this show and you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be at their spring show too!

Here are just some of the many treasures I saw that day…

turkey platebrass cottonrussian plaquesweet annie

chestcandlesFor more information on the history of Maeystown and other events, visit maeystown.com.

Until next time, get out there and enjoy fall!

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