A Happy Place

beach chairs

I have one.

My husband has one.

My neighbors and colleagues have one.

And you have one, too.

In fact, I would wager that everyone has one.

A Happy Place.

A place, physical or mental, where we retreat to when we want to feel inspired, joyful, comforted and still.

Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding Lowcountry is my happy place.

I first visited about four years ago and had a kind of spiritual awakening. The way the sun sets over Shem Creek with soft, silky colors; the way a freshly fried crab cake melts on your tongue as it’s chased down with a Seersucker gin and tonic; the way the air, tinged with salt water ,feels on your skin as you explore the gorgeous historic homes lined with cobblestone streets…well, to me, is magical.

Beauty abounds everywhere you look.  Cheerful window boxes greet you as you stroll by downtown’s restaurants and shops.


And speaking of restaurants, the Charleston area has some of the best cuisine anywhere in the country.  Some of my favorites include the Brown Dog Deli, Hank’s, Magnolias and Acme Lowcountry.

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit, my jaw still drops at the incredible architecture all around.

Wonderful shopping abounds as well.  I make sure to always stop at the historic City Market, established in the 1790’s as a place of socialization and commmerce, where one can peruse four city blocks worth of local arts and crafts, clothing, foodstuffs and anything one could want with the Palmetto Moon motif.

Charleston loses none of its charm in the evening when the gas lanterns are lit and the city is becomes very romantic.  I dare you to walk in the city at night and not to feel tingly, like the first time you met your love.  I tell you, this place is saturated with enchantment.

Perhaps one of my favorite excursions this year was our sunset sail aboard the lovely Charleston Pride schooner, a replica of an 18th century three-mast sailing ship.  We explored the Charleston harbor, watching dolphins leap out of the water to say hello and admire the city’s most famous homes by White Point Gardens.  The crew couldn’t have been nicer and I was stunned by the magnificent views from the water.

sunset cruise

It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to this lovely place and I’m currently counting down until I can return again.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the best home tour I’ve ever taken that was in this area!

Until next time, I hope you get to visit and stay awhile in your happy place!

For more information about  Charleston and surrounding Lowcountry areas mentioned in this post, visit charlestoncvb.com.  

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