3 Reasons Why “My Stylish French Box” is a Must-Have

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from the dismal depths of winter, my friends!  I live smack-dab in the middle of the country, where the National Weather Service describes winters as “brisk and stimulating”. Clearly, that phrase hasn’t been revised in a while because this season has been exceptionally wet, cold and gray.

So it was with much surprise and pleasure on one of those dreary days that I received the February edition of My Stylish French Box, courtesy of creator Sharon Santoni and her team!

If you’re not familiar with Sharon, she’s a gorgeous British expat, living a gorgeous life in France, as documented by her gorgeous blog, My French Country Home, as well as in numerous books and a similarly titled magazine.

My Stylish French Box is one of Sharon’s latest ventures offering women an elevated subscription box experience.  These unique and carefully curated packages are full of beautiful and elegant delights from France.

This particular box’s theme is La Parisienne and it totally delivered – here are the top three reasons why you really, really need one in your life:

  1.  My Stylish French Box Takes You To France Without Leaving Your Home
  2. It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to travel to France.  While my work and family demands are many, and a trip isn’t quite in the cards yet, I truly felt I was experiencing a little bit of this glorious country as I inspected every item in the box.  I’m a big believer in engaging all the senses to truly experience life, and short of listening to Edith Piaf (I did enjoy a glass of wine while perusing my box), I was transported!

  3. Cards Logo PNGCharming note cards and watercolor print by famed French artist,
    Jean-Jacques Sempé.

  4. Candle LogoA heavenly-smelling La Note Parisienne candle with notes of orange flower, tuberose, jasmine, rose and fig. 

  5. 2.  My Stylish French Box Allows You To Spoil Yourself Without Feeling Guilty
    For a mere fraction of the combined retail price of each item that is included in the MSFB, you are able to enjoy all this delightful beauty for what is really a steal!
  6. Make Up PNGOdile Bailloeul velvet pochette featuring a beautiful view of Paris.  A perfect shade of red lipstick by Pierre Ricaud and Annick Goutal’s Nuit et Confidences perfume with gold carrying case. Excellent for handbags!

  7. 3.  My Stylish French Box Offers One-Of-A-Kind Treasures
    In a world dominated by run-of-the-mill big-box store buys, it’s nice to have the opportunity to have items that not everyone else has.  Sure, I can go to Target and get the latest and greatest, but so can the entire St. Louis population.  I mean, how adorable is this little antique pill box and boutique soap?  You’re not going to find this stuff on Amazon, people.

Pill Box PNGThe delicate paper pill-box is the perfect size in which to keep my pearl necklace. The La Savonnerie de la Chapelle soap will be lovely in the guest bath.  

For more information on how you can subscribe, go to mystylishfrenchbox.com, but you’ll need to hurry.  There are a limited number of boxes available every month and they sell out very quickly.

Until next time, I hope you embrace your inner La Parisienne!

(Le Béret Français – my most favorite item!)

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